The Lüsner and Rodenecker Alm

The Lüsner and Rodenecker Alm

It's at the meeting point of the Eisack Valley and the Puster Valley that one can find the magnificent Rodenecker Alm and Lüsner Alm - vast mountain pastures with green meadows and grazing lands, surrounded by the grandeur of the mountain peaks.

Despite being close to the main roads, the Rodenecker Alm is a quiet place, distant from the mundanity of the most famous ski resorts of the area, but not less charming than other renowned areas.

Both in summer and in winter, the Rodenecker Alm and Lünser Alm offers its visitors unique sceneries, thrilling for their beauty.

Hiking the Rodenecker Alm

The best way to appreciate the scenery of the Rodenecker Alm is by heading out for a hike along the routes crossing it. It's an easy hike, suitable for the whole family but giving much satisfaction especially to those who love unique landscapes.

The starting point is at the Zumis parking area (1725 m), from which one should take path MK4. Nearly 350 meters after the road, there's a change of course leading to the left on a forest road that runs through the woods and alpine meadows.

By following this path, one reaches the area of the Roner hut (1892 m), where there's another turn to the left, on path MK 68B. The Rastner hut is distant only a few tens of meters in altitude. Once you reach this construction, proceed along path MK 68 and MK 67 towards Astjoch and the Starkenfeld hut (1936 m).

Throughout the itinerary, one can admire the surrounding peaks, including the majestic Peitlerkofel, a true sovereign of the Puez Odle park with its extraordinary view. Once the Starkenfeld hut is reached, you are ready to go back towards the parking area.

The entire trip doesn't last more than three hours and the maximum altitude gap is about 300 meters.

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