For gourmet connoisseur...

You are what you eat....and the people of South Tyrol are true gourmet connoisseurs. In the kitchen of the Herolerhof Hotel, Tyrol cuisine unites with Italian lightness and sophistication. Dumplings of every imaginable variety, “Schlutzkrapfen” (spinach and quark pastries, the South Tyrol version of ravioli) and an array of sweet dainties whose smells waft their way out of the kitchen all epitomize the culinary tradition of South Tyrol.
Every dish is prepared fresh by Chef Isolde.

Just as delectable, a range of Italian-style pasta dishes are light and refreshing.

Embark on a culinary journey through South Tyrolian delicacies and specialties from the Mediterranean kitchen. Exceptional South Tyrol wines, authentic South Tyrol beers, mountain water from the alps or mineral water from the nearby Plose mountain round out our menu.

Every day we surprise you with a substantial breakfast consisting of regional products such as fresh bread from the bakeries of Luson, homemade jams, yoghurt and cheeses from local alpine dairies and our renowned braided yeast bread. 

In the evening, we are pleased to offer a 3 course surprise menu including delicious salads from the buffet.

We will gladly accommodate any allergies (lactose, gluten) and certain preferences.

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